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Plotter Slide Show
Smithsonian Institution CRC
Forest Plotter v2

One of the cooler projects I've ever gotten to work on. The Smithsonian Institution's Conservation and Research Center needed a program that took real world data and displayed various searchable biodiversity formulas for educational uses. The files can be saved and distributed over the internet. Version 2 now prints lists and grids, plus it sports an external palette file so that more tree species can be added as time goes by and more schools participate in the CRC's biodiversity learning program.

or simply read the instruction manual.

This site was built hand-in-hand with the research scientists and the Conservation & Research Center (CRC) to support the educational aspects of the CRC. The Forest Plotter was a descendant of this now defunct site (replaced by a template after seriously deep budget cuts in the Smithsonian in 2001). Many of the graphics created for this site, plus the Forest Plotter, were later infused into their current site.