Grasshopper Takeover
From the album
International Dance Marathon
released 2000

How'm I supposed to love you when I'm out here on the road? And the things I want to tell you, I forget to let you know. And I'm trying to remember all the precious things you say. From half a million miles, I am sailing. It's alright, if I die, sailing. I worry I don't call enough to tell you how I am. But my world is spinning so fast, baby, try to understand. That the way we are together, we are ten men strong. We are two in one, we are sailing on.

And I will make it up to you. Don't wait, tomorrow, there'll be time to make things right. I live my life for you.

When your love is back in Lincoln, but your heart is in LA. And you've got to leave tomorrow on the bus to San Jose. Well in ways we're still pretending that this can go on. But deep down inside, we are sailing on.

Repeat chorus.

Awaking in the afternoon from starry skies and silver moons, where nothing else is real, but the freedom that I feel. We would spend the day locked arm in arm, and never do no one no harm. The memories grow few, and I can't stop loving you.

Repeat chorus.

I'll do anything, be your bumble bee, sting the bad guys, bring you honey. Be your love affair, wear your underwear, treat me how you want to treat me. Catch me falling, then release me and I'll do anything for you.