Grasshopper Takeover
From the album Elephant Dreams
released 2004

Of all the great discoveries, he's still living in the past. Though he could see the future, well he knew it could not last. The present tells a different story. Who he is now he does not know.

And good for all the people who have tried to be his friend, it was a casting call in an empty hall for the sick who saw their end. And the bridges that they crossed to meet him, were more than a mile that never ends, but they'd do it again.

And suddenly a crash rang out and the cables snapped like twine. The concrete crumbled 'neath their feet and the water hit like wine. Now they're screaming out for him to save them, but he was just a dream that kept them rolling on.

Tumbleweed. Blowing in the wind without a care, never really going anywhere, lazy summer days and the wind can take you anywhere you need. Got no reason got no rhyme, never have to be on time, where ever you go that's where you are. Tumbleweed.

Those who made it 'cross were quite surprised at what they found, a man whose life was a metaphor for a sullen one-horse town. They listened hard for wisdom, but the song remained the same. Oh, what a shame. Through the misty morning they could see out past the hills, and all they dreamt would happen did and the truth it gave them chills. And suddenly he stood beside them, but the dream was soon to end, never be again.


Dust yourself off, get back up. Keep ridin' on, don't you stop. You'll see it again, like it or not, tumbleweed.