Bother To Ask
From the album Accidently?
released 1998

you didn't even bother to ask me a question
you didn't even bother to ask if i lie
you didn't even bother to ask me
so i guess i've been misunderstood again

bittersweet has never been a taste of mine
follow through never stopping holding steady ever ready
but nothing ever changes here
captive on this runaway train 'til it drives me half insane
nothing's wrong don't you worry about me

i'll be fine
i've been through this before
your first impression has been misguided
take the stand hold your breath let it flow watch the show
please listen to me don't say another word

would you listen to yourself
i don't believe what i just heard
and it seems so unforgivable
but a captain must go down with his ship
that's the way it has always been the way it will be forever
so would you like to participate in the assassination of a determination
when do we begin