Owe It To You
Grasshopper Takeover
From the EP Green Album
released 2001

Five states away and I'm trying to sleep but time seems to move so slow when your not around here. Always make me laugh the things that you do. Drunk on this feeling my body's alive, and i'd be the first to admit it's a miracle how, never thought I'd want this like I do and I must say baby Don't want you to change anything that you do I want you the way that you are 'cause I believe that the things that connect me to you will keep us no matter how far, believe me.

These times that we spend together are changing the way that I see myself and I want it to last forever, could this be the train that we waited for. baby, all this is true and I owe it to you.

Hear all the music I write in the day but I wonder if you feel all the rhythm your givin' me now every chourd I sail my fingers through and I must say lady the things that were wearing me down in my life have seem to come and run their way through and the people I love who are dear in my life are guideing me closer to you believe me