Cherry Gravity
No Left Stone
From the album
Weaver Festival Phenomenon
released 1994

I don't know where to start...

Blame it on the weather, blame it on me, just don't go to lengths for the possibility. I'll be the dog, your be the car, here we are. Moving further, nothing gone, it doesn't matter where you start. Moving further, nothing gone, what matters is the road you're on. Hit the gas, we're outta here!Nothing behind but Old Fear, now. Old Fear, he's a good dog, that Old Fear.

Departure time is near...

Dating destiny is a strange proposition, but one I can hold. Advanced vision causes strange dreams. If I call you prophet, I call you idiot. You're an idiot! Don't set me on fire, I'll talk with tact, I'll talk with the facts of existence. Don't set me on fire, I'll talk with tact, the facts of your existence.

Miles away...Stronger from the absence...Mile away...Stronger from the absence...Miles away. I'm on the finish line, I've had enough of strange dreams. Departure time is near.