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A $20 payment for the CD-ROM and a print, or a $12 payment for the CD only. Payment must be enclosed with this printout; it will also cover shipping. Please make checks payable to Tim S. Guthrie:

Your name:


Your shipping address:



Also, as a very limited offer (which is only available in conjunction with the CD-ROM purchase), you may purchase an original Icon from the "Wall of Icons" at normal cost and receive the CD-ROM for FREE!

O $12 - For a signed CD-ROM.

O $20 - for an original signed and numbered print, plus a signed CD-ROM.

O $100 - for an original signed Icon and signed CD-ROM. (note: some icons will not be available if being exhibited until the show comes down.) Please clearly specify which icon you are interested in. If you are not a part of the project, yet, you may join by following the instructions on Tim's web site.

You should expect your CD-ROM to arrive a couple weeks after sending your order.

Please send order and payment to:

Tim Guthrie
CD-ROM Project
5903 Pacific Street
Omaha, NE 68106

You may also contact Tim via email at: